Friday, January 05, 2007

Hammer Time

Last week, I did my first job for Time Magazine, a b/w spot of a warthog for a mock progress report. A quick, fun little job. The piece will run between 1" and 2" square as part of the report logo.

These were the roughs I did: ... and this was the one the art director picked, which I re-drew in ink. They actually were prepared to print the sketch, but I did the inked version as well:That's all for now ... good times :) -J

*Note: The pun in the title is ... unfortunately ... intentional. I'm sorry.


Grange said...

Excellent warthog -- I like them all. But there's never a legitimate excuse to pun. :)

As for Time, a quick search says about 5,400,000 people will see your sketch, worldwide. Cool.

crossley said...

TIME people... TIME.