Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's been a while...

So, in retrospect, I definately neglected this blog after my last post. I've been working on things, but never felt any of it was something I wanted to post. The next thing I know, it's been three months.

I'm working on a 12-page comic right now with a writer friend of mine, Ian Daffern. I'll be posting some of that work soon. In the meantime, I'm also throwing together a quick two-page piece for an on-the-fly submission opportunity.

I thought I'd put up my linears for the 2-pager. It gives some insight into how I do my comic work, plus I think they're looking pretty good so far.

I draw these at half-size, so about 7.5"x5". It's small enough that it's easy for me to trace, redraw, cut and paste things. Also, my lightbox is small, so it's easier to handle on there. It's easier to get composition and the core elements of the drawings worked out smaller as well (especially perspective), and prevents me from getting distracted by details.

Once they're at this stage, I blow them up to actual size (roughly 15.75"x9.75"), tape them to the back of the page I'm going to draw the actual pencils on, then use a lightbox to work up the drawings to final.

I'll post the pencilled pages when I finish them. It should be by this weekend, as the window for the submission is small.
Cheers -J


Omar Rujeedawa said...

Looking phenomenal. Can't wait till you put up the rest.

JLang said...

Thanks for the kind words ... always appreciate the feedback!