Thursday, November 01, 2007

Business Week

I recently finished a job for next week's issue of Business Week Magazine. The job was for two quarter-page editorial pieces for the BTW section. The image above is the final for an article on the rate of workplace injuries, and the one below is for an article on a company that is incorporating Facebook into the way it does business:

It was actually a bit of a trek to get to this stage, as there were a number of revisions with the roughs. I thought I'd put up the sketches for my original ideas, for comparison with the finals:For the safety one, the article is stating that incidences of injury are lower, but that the data may not be accurate. So I want to show a hint of past injury. They decided they wanted to go a bit more straightforward.
For the Facebook one, I originally wanted to go a bit more conceptual, emphasizing the "growth" and "building" factors of networking with Facebook. Again, they wanted to go a bit more literal.

Anyway, I think the finals turned out pretty well, and overall I had a great time doing the job :)

Cheers -J

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