Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Canadian Family

I recently did a batch of illustrations for Canadian Family. The article was on "amazing moms", so they wanted to show a bunch of superhero moms. The image above is the final for the full-page illo.

These are the sketches I sent the art director for the full-page. The had pretty much worked out the ideas for all five of the images, and for this one, they wanted three super-moms rising up together. For the one, I wanted to get a bit more dynamic and superheroic, rather than simply rising up - and that's the one they ended up choosing.

These are the finals for the four quarter-page illustrations. I thought they turned out pretty well. As I mentioned before, most of the ideas were determined beforehand, so I just had to figure out how to translate it into an illustration. The sandwiches one was mine, though :)

These were the sketches for the quarter-pages. Rather than do multiple compositions for the ideas they'd already worked out, I just gave them a bunch to choose from, including my own ideas, and allowed them to choose the four they liked best.

A pretty good job overall. I really enjoyed the full-page, particularly, as it was really fun coming up with the poses, and creating the characters


tyrone said...

Yeah I prefer the more dynamic sketch over the other one ... great image ...

Omar Rujeedawa said...

Aha, oh man, those are great. I agree with tyrone about the chosen full page illustration -- more dynamic and gives off a leaping into action sense of the moms. Where as the other one seems more like a post-battle shot where the moms are celebrating victory.

Love the sandwich preparation, Batvan and the boogieman beating quarter page drawings.

Awesome work as usual, man.

John Lang said...

Sorry this is a little late, but thanks a ton for the comments guys!