Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Recent Work ...

I apologize for the gaps between posts - things have been busy ... plus, I need to wait until the illustrations are published before I can post them.

I've been doing a lot of work for Dallas CEO (or D CEO), which has been pretty fun. The art director lets me do some interesting stuff that wouldn't necessarily get approved by other magazines.

Case in point is the illo above. It accompanied an article on how CEO's need to defend themselves against politicians who had been essentially badmouthing big business. With one of my sketches, I went with a "slings & arrows" idea, and that's the one he approved. It was a lot of fun to draw!

I also recently did a large (half-page) portrait of Simon Fuller for Billboard Magazine. At the time, he was about to be presented an award for his achievements, so Billboard did a feature on him. The magazine was also full of ads taken out by various studios, recording agencies and individuals congratulating Fuller. Also a pretty cool job.

I'll try to post again sooner rather than later :D

Cheers -J

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